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Take an Early Peek Inside Lupulo, George Mendes's New Portuguese Spot

Lots and lots of bar seating, plus an open kitchen and modernist sculpture.

Devra Ferst

Green plywood still encases George Mendes's new Portuguese restaurant Lupulo, but the space was ready enough to host a party for Saveur's new editor Adam Sachs last night, revealing the first peek inside.

There's a large half-oval bar in the center that will account for much of the seating when the restaurant opens, an open kitchen in the back, and a wall of Portuguese-style blue and white ceramic tiles.

Here's a look into that kitchen — complete with hearth:

lupulo kitchen

The ceiling is lined with a modernist sculpture with lights dropping down from it.

lupulo ceiling

Mendes served small bites of Portuguese fare like salt cod croquettes, warm prawns, a chicken liver pate, cuttlefish terrine with ink and pimenton, and lots of oysters. No word if these dishes will appear on Lupulo's menu, but the large raw bar and Mendes's promises to focus heavily on fish offer some hits.

An opening should happen sometime in March, says Mendes, but late March seems most likely. The chef is still working out his to-go program, and according to a bartender last night, still hiring staff. Stay tuned.


835 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY