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The Farm on Adderley Team to Shutter Pricey Ditmas Bakery Nine Chains

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'It wasn't the right time and place,' says a manager.

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Nine Chains, the bakery spinoff of popular Ditmas Park restaurant the Farm on Adderley,will close on Sunday, after just over a year in business. "We definitely had our share of regulars, but between the food costs of using high-quality ingredients, and the labor costs, we just weren't able to maintain the business," manager Sarah Sutliff told DNAinfo. The price tag on some of those loaves, which could soar as high as $12, probably didn't help. The bakery had a local following, but never got its wholesale operation up to full speed, something that has been key in the success of artisan bakeries of a similar ilk, like Bien Cuit.

While Ditmas Park's food scene has grown in recent years, Sufliff also says: "It wasn't the right time and place. Five years down the line, Ditmas Park could be Williamsburg Part 2, but it's tough when you're trying to blaze a trail and start a business on a street that doesn't have a lot of foot traffic." The space will be used as a commercial kitchen to cook food for summer concerts in Prospect Park.

Nine Chains

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