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Joel Robuchon Opening Fancy Pastry Shop Alongside L'Atelier in Battery Park

La Boutique de Joel Robuchon is opening "soon" at Brookfield Place.

The Tokyo outpost.
The Tokyo outpost.

Though the legendary French chef/empire builder Joel Robuchon won't open his New York flagship, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, until summer at least, it looks like he'll make his return to NYC in a smaller way before then. Today the restaurant tweeted out this little message:

Assuming this is like the other outposts of La Boutique de Joel Robuchon, it will offer an array of breads and fancy French pastries. It's a little unclear where, exactly this kiosk will be located – it could be in Hudson Eats, the big food hall at Brookfield Place, or it could be elsewhere in the sprawling retail development. It's also unclear when, exactly, it'll open, besides the fact that it'll be "soon." Eater is awaiting more details from the L'Atelier team, so stay tuned.