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John DeLucie's Clubby Crown May Get Ousted by the Landlord

The owner wants to sell the Upper East Side brownstone that houses the swank restaurant, and might push out Crown in the process.


Word is the owner of the brownstone at 24 East 81 Street, which currently houses John DeLucie's clubby restaurant, Crown is taking back the lease. The building has been for sale since September, but so far it's been unclear what that would mean for the restaurant. But according to real estate sources, the restaurant could get booted, because potential buyers of the 10 bedroom, 10 bathroom, eight fireplace manse will be more attracted to a home without a restaurant at its entrance.

This could also be a good exit strategy for DeLucie, who insiders whisper is splitting with partner Sean Largotta, probably over the $100,000 Largotta allegedly took from another of their restaurants, The Lion, to spend on a Range Rover and an Italian getaway. When reached for comment, DeLucie told Eater, "Legally the partnership is not dissolved.  As of now, Crown is operating. It is open tonight. We also heard through the grapevine that the landlord wants to sell the building, but there has not yet been an offer."