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NYC Will Soon Have a Hot Sauce Tasting Room, Hot Sauce Sommelier Included

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A new Greenpoint hot sauce shop will have a space to host tastings and pop-up dinners, plus a "somm" to guide condiment purchases.


New York has reached a new pinnacle of hipsterdom. Come April 18th, the city will have not just one but two condiment sommeliers. This all started in December when Maille announced its mustard boutique would have a mustard somm on hand to help shoppers out  Now, Greenpointers hears that a hot sauce somm will now be on staff at Heatonist, a hot sauce shop opening in Greenpoint. The job of the spicy somm is "to help people figure out what sauce is right for them," says heat addict and owner Noah Chaimberg.

Heatonist, which has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $18,000, will be divided into a storefront that carries 150 hot sauces and a kitchen/dining area in the back where Chaimberg hopes to host pop-ups with visiting chefs. No word on the lineup just yet, but it could be anything. Perhaps an all-wings dinner? A hot sauce-forward Mexican tasting menu by Enrique Olvera? A hot sauce pairing dinner spearheaded by the spicy somm? Only time will tell.

For those who can't get to the store, Chaimberg is planning a tailor-made subscription program online: "We're developing an app that allows customers to identify what they like based on eight parameters (salty, smokey, sweetness, heat etc.)."