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East Village Ramen Stalwart Rai Rai Ken Plans a Harlem Outpost

The OG ramen shop is expanding to Amsterdam and 133rd Street.


Rai Rai Ken, one of the stalwarts of the New York ramen scene, is expanding to Harlem after almost 15 years in the East Village. As Harlem + Bespoke reports, signage is now up on Amsterdam Avenue near 133rd Street, heralding the imminent arrival of the straightforward ramen shop. The move is notable for being Rai Rai Ken's first venture outside the bounds of Little Tokyo, and for bringing such a classic bowl of noodles to Harlem, which has just started to see the arrival of the ramen boom with the popular Jin Ramen.

Rai Rai Ken well predated the rise of ramen in NYC, but has only recently started to expand, moving to a much larger, glossier space in 2012. It remains to be seen what's next for the shop, but stay tuned for more on the Harlem opening.