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Shitshow Vermillion Intrepidly 'Rebrands' for Reality Show

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There are promises of famous chefs, but who they are, the world may never know.


Shitshow hall of famer (at) Vermillion is "rebranding" and relaunching this week. Owner Rohini Dey is sticking with her Latin-Indian fusion concept, but supposedly making the space warmer (does this mean no more rain curtain?) Representatives promise that Dey "did a nation-wide search in India and has found an acclaimed Indian chef to work on the re-creation process of the menu....That chef along with a chef from Nicaragua and an NY-based Indian chef created the new menu." But the names of those chefs, it seems, must remain a mystery.

The restaurant officially relaunches on Wednesday, and according to a press release, CNBC will be on site filming the event. Rumor has it that Vermillion will be featured in the network's new reality series, Restaurant Confidential: New York, which "chronicles the struggles and triumphs of various restaurants in the ultra-competitive New York Food Scene." So, those who don't want to experience the new Vermillion first hand can probably count on seeing this relaunch in gorey detail somewhere down the road.


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