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NIMBYs Fear Dominique Ansel's West Village Bakery Will Draw Early Morning Crowds

The chef has already promised there will be no Cronuts, but there could still be lines.

Hillary Dixler

Some of Dominique Ansel's new neighbors in the West Village, where he plans to open his new bakery Dominique Ansel Kitchen and dessert tasting concept Unlimited Possibilities, aren't happy that the Cronut wizard is moving in. Residents are worried about the 8 a.m. opening time, outdoor seating, and lines potentially forming on their sidewalks, reports Gothamist. "It's not simply a plain old bakery," a member of the Far West Tenth Street Block Association said last night at a community board meeting. "This is a wonderful, skillful, elite, delicious venue, but it is a global venue and it's a media-driven venue...I don't know of any bakery that has a full liquor license and hundreds of people waiting at five or six in the morning."

Ansel has promised not to sell Cronuts at the new location (which are the only reason for the early crowds at his Soho shop) and has agreed to close up by 7 p.m. His team, however, won't move the opening time to 10 a.m. as one neighbor suggested, because they will miss the morning rush. The board gave the go ahead on the sidewalk seating, saying: "People do not scream and yell when they sit having bagels."

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

137 7th Avenue South, New York, NY

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