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Heroic Former French Minister Saved Diners From Being Crushed by Balthazar's Falling Mirror

Arnaud Montebourge held up the mirror until more could come to his aid.


This morning, as most of New York knows by now, one of Balthazar's enormous mirrors came tumbling down on several diners seated in a prime corner booth. Now, as BalthMirrorGate 2015 continues, new details are coming to light, and it appears that there's a savior in the story. Former minister of the French government Arnaud Montebourg managed to hold up the 10 by 8 foot framed mirror long enough to save others from being crushed until more people could come help hold the thing up and everyone could escape. "This gentleman was able to kind of hold this huge mirror on his own until the other people came up and started helping him," a witness told the Daily News. "He was like Superman."

Montebourg was injured in the process, though it appears not too seriously. Another witness reported that Montebourg said "he had a little pain in his neck... [and] ‘I don't really feel comfortable, but I'm ok.'" Still, he was taken to the Bellevue Hospital. Here's the hero being wheeled out of the restaurant:


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