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Reactions to Balthazar's MirrorGate 2015 from Across the Twitter Universe

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The news that one of Balthazar's giant mirrors almost crushed some diners has sent shockwaves across the restaurant world.

Daniel Krieger

The internet is afire right now with discussion of BalthMirrorGate 2015. The news that one of Balthazar's gigantic mirrors had fallen off the wall and onto some breakfasting diners is now splashed across Twitter as New Yorkers discuss the disaster that befell one of New York's finest restaurants. The reactions vary, and the questions are plentiful. Was anyone hurt? (not really) Does this mean I can get a reservation at Balthazar now? (maybe) Will anyone ever dare to sit by the wall again? (only the brave) Who's the hero in this story? (a former French politician) Have they ever tried to dust behind the mirrors? (looks like not).

As we continue to track this story, here are some of the best reactions, from Eater editors and many others across the Twitter universe.


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