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A Giant Mirror Just Fell on Top of Some Diners at Balthazar [UPDATED]

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One diner received medical attention


One of Bathalzar's giant mirrors came tumbling down on several diners this morning during breakfast. Several people were injured by the 10x15 foot mirror, including a former French minister of finance, reports the Post. Taylor Swift, who just moved to NYC and has been dining around town, was also reportedly there, but left unscathed.

Update: A manager says only one guest required medical attention and that individual appears to be doing fine. The restaurant is open for lunch per usual.

The Post also altered its story saying "Earlier reports that Taylor Swift was at Balthazar proved incorrect."

Here's how it all went down (literally):

Fortunately, injuries were relatively minor.

Update 2: Turns out there's a hero in this story. The one guest who required medical attention was former French Minister Arnaud Montebourg, who single-handedly held up the mirror to save other guests from getting crushed. Meanwhile, to hear how New York reacted to BalthMirrorGate 2015, we've rounded up the best Twitter reactions over here.


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