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Eli Sussman Leaves Mile End, Meaning Both Sussman Brothers Are Free Agents

Noah Bernamoff has some big projects ahead.

Daniel Krieger

It looks like both of the Sussman brothers are now flying solo. Max left his spot in the kitchen when The Cleveland shuttered and now Eater hears that Eli Sussman has left Mile End. Starting next month he will be on tour for his new book and will also be doing some TV work and food writing. Noah Bernamoff from Mile End confirms that the split was amicable and that he expects to see Sussman "back on the line soon enough."

In the meantime, Josh Sobel, who has worked for Mile End for two years and managed all of the deli's meat production, will be taking over as the executive chef. He'll be keeping some of Sussman's Middle Eastern dishes on the menu, and it sounds like possibly adding some new dishes as well.

Bernamoff's pretty busy these days. He plans to open his first bar Grand Army with Damon Boelte, Julian Brizzi, and Daniel Krieger later this month, plus he is considering expanding his Black Seed operations, but it also sounds like he has something else in the works. As he tells Eater: "We have a number of exciting projects in the works, including a major one that I've been working on for several years coming to fruition."

Mile End

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