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Guenter Seeger's New York City Debut Now Dubbed Guenter Seeger NY

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The Atlanta ex-pat with an impressive resume will open his upscale restaurant in the Meatpacking District by late spring.

The future home of Guenter Seeger NY
The future home of Guenter Seeger NY
Robert Sietsema

Acclaimed Atlanta chef Guenter Seeger has been working away on fine dining restaurant in the Meatpacking District since October, and though his team has been tight-lipped about the project up until now, today they send along a few new details.

First and most importantly, the restaurant now has a name: Guenter Seeger NY. The name recalls his last restaurant, Seeger's, which closed in Atlanta back in 2007. As for the other crucial details: the restaurant will serve a tasting menu that changes daily, will have an open kitchen, and just 38 seats, including a "table for Chef's friends," (which is presumably an oblique way of saying a chef's table).

As of now, Guenter Seeger NY is slated to open in the late spring. When it does, it will be Seeger's first restaurant in New York City, and also his first restaurant at all since Seeger's closed. This is definitely one to look out for – not only did Seeger turn out some very sophisticated food in Atlanta, he originally built his reputation as chef at Germany's Michelin-starred Hoheneck. A glimpse at his (infrequently updated) Twitter account gives some idea of what sort of dishes to expect – things like poached bone marrow over celery root puree, and king crab with vanilla sauce.

Guenter Seeger NY

641 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014