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Knitting Factory's All-American Federal Bar Will Fuel Moshers with Hot Dogs and Beer

Concert goers will be able to order food during shows.

Courtesy of Federal Bar

The Knitting Factory team has just broken ground on its first New York restaurant, next door to its popular Williamsburg music venue. The restaurant and bar will be the third outlet of their Federal Bar (there are two in LA). Like the other locations, this one will have the feel of an Art Deco bank, complete with old brass deposit boxes, mini-vaults, and the seal of U.S. The space will also be decked out with music posters.

Expect American fare like the Federal Dog, a beef hot dog topped with shallots, pickled jalapenos, and mustard, and an IPA-braised short rib dish, a large whiskey selection, and a rotating beer list. But, perhaps the best news in all of this, is that hungry concert goers will be able to order food during shows and have it brought to the bar at The Knitting Factory. Just plan to digest for a few minutes before rejoining the mosh pit.

Federal Bar

367 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY