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La Parisienne's Neon Sign Goes Dark as Another New York Classic Vanishes

It's a rough time for classics in Midtown.


Midtown is a brutal place for classics these days. New Yorkers are still grieving from the loss of Cafe Edison, and Smith's only survived because of a last minute rescue operation captained by Hayden Panettiere's dad. Now, word comes from Jeremiah Moss that 65-year-old diner La Parisienne is closed. A note in the window reads "We're moving on! Thanks for letting us serve you for over 50 years."

Though the name might suggest an old French bistro, La Parisienne was really just a standard New York greasy spoon with a great neon sign. Nothing special, maybe, but the loss of anything that old (and that cheap) is a loss for Midtown.

la parisienne

La Parisienne Diner

910 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019 (212) 765-4590

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