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Bruno Pizza Now Equipped to Grind Its Own 00 Flour

The restaurant is still a couple of months from open, but recipe testing is in full swing.

Courtesy of Bruno Pizza

Bruno Pizza is still a couple of months from opening, but owner and designer Demian Repucci sends word that the fancy flour mill the team raised $30,000 for on Kickstarter just arrived. The mill will let Repucci and former Box Kite chefs Justin Slojkowski and Dave Gulino grind domestically-sourced wheat into prized 00 flour for their pizzas and pastas.

Repucci's latest Instagram update shows that the space is still pretty raw, but the Slojkowski and Gulino, who will offer a tasting menu to a few diners a night, are already testing out dishes like lamb loin and belly with cooked pear and chicken liver mousse, with mushroom puree, puffed grains, and porcini powder.

Sheet rock and cold hands #BrunoPizzaNYC

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Bruno Pizza

204 East 13th Street, New York, NY