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Still Hanging on at 22, Picholine Gets a Menu Overhaul

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Terrance Brennan no longer serves a three-course prix fixe at his once troubled Upper West Side restaurant.

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In yet another bid to revitalize his 22-year-old Upper West Side fine dining restaurant, Picholine, Terrance Brennan has just completely overhauled the menu. Gone is the option of a three-course, $105 prix fixe meal. In its place, the French-Mediterranean restaurant now offers a five-course prix fixe meal for $125, or the option of an ambitious 12 course tasting menu for $210 (which Brennan has offered before this most recent switch). The dishes themselves, however, don't appear to have changed all that much from previous menus, and there's still a vegetarian option, and that famous cheese cart.

As many will recall, Picholine has had a rough time of it in recent years. It closed for renovations back at the 20 year mark, and ran into financial troubles shortly after. Months later it did reopen, less thoroughly renovated than originally planned, and then a month later filed for Chapter 11. Nonetheless, it soldiered on, and underwent another revamp this past summer. In the years since the first closure, the restaurant lost both of its Michelin stars, but did manage to regain one of them in this year's Michelin rankings. So perhaps things are looking up for the aging restaurant. At the very least, it's still working hard to stay in the game.

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