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Incoming Mars Bar 2.0 Looks More Like a Juice Bar Than a Dive

Nothing but the name remains of the legendary dive.


Every inch of graffiti, grit, and grime of legendary dive Mars Bar has long been erased by the wrecking ball, and now all that remains now is the name. The replacement Mars Bar in Jupiter 21, the fancy apartment building that went up where the old bar once stood (hence the name, because "Jupiter comes after Mars"), looks like it's nearing completion. Bowery Boogie snuck a peek inside and found pristine white walls and two "hand crafted"-looking wood bars on the ground floor. Upstairs, as some may recall, there will be a juice bar, which might be a better match for that decor.

The project, as previously reportedis backed by nightlife heavy hitters Robert Montwaid from club chain the Pink Elephant, Chris Reda of Meatpacking VIP favorite The Griffin, and Alain Palinsky of Juice Press. Former Sutra Lounge owner Ariel Palitz has also been rumored to be involved, and Mars Bar's octogenarian owner Hank Penza is still around, but only as a minority partner.

On Jupiter 21's website, it promises potential renters that there are lots of nightlife options nearby, including: "jazz clubs, ale houses and heated rooftop taverns and if you're in the mood for something more casual, there's a few traditional dive bars too." It remains to be seen where the new Mars Bar fits in with all that, but it's looking more any more doubtful that it'll remain in the last category.

Mars Bar

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