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Nightlife Pros from Employees Only and Soho House Join Forces for Belle Reve

The 35-seat restaurant is opening tonight in Tribeca, in what used to be Los Americanos.

When Patrick Fahey announced late last year that he was swapping his Tribeca Latin-inspired diner Los Americanos for a neighborhood bistro he left out some pertinent information. Tonight, the re-made space is opening as Belle Reve (beautiful dream, in French) with the help of Billy Gilroy, who founded the West Village cocktail institution Employees Only, and Paul Gerard, of the clubby, exclusive Soho House. Gilroy brought with him the team's fourth partner Vincent Vitek, head bartender at Employees Only. There are promises of live music, which at a friends and family event over the weekend included a burlesque dancer. So it sounds like this is more nightlife destination than early reports let on.

The dinner menu hops around from American seafood to salads, and dishes with names like "devil may care lasagna." A large section is dedicated to vegetables and grains, a bit like Westville, but less healthy with dishes like marrow splashed fries and mac and mornay.

Stay tuned for more details.

Belle Reve

305 Church Street, New York, NY