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Dominique Ansel Hunts for Executive Pastry Wizard to Run Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Only those with serious sugar skills need apply.

Hillary Dixler

Now that Dominique Ansel is done handing out roses to the 200 insane people who waited for a Cronut on Valentine's day morning in 20 degree weather, he can set his mind to hiring a new executive pastry chef to oversee things at Dominique Ansel Kitchen, his forthcoming West Village bakery. Even at the peak of the Cronut frenzy, Ansel has rarely been absent from his Soho kitchen, and with this new hire, it sounds like he may want to keep things that way. That, plus he may also want to focus his time on the new dessert tasting counter, Unlimited Possibilities (or U.P. for short) that will move in on the second floor of his new bakery.

A representative tells Eater that the new chef would work "side-by-side" with Ansel every day, and would be expected to manage a massive team of 20 to 30 pastry chefs – twice the size of most restaurant pastry teams. It also sounds like the hire is some ways off, given that the bakery won't open until spring. But Ansel is at least "putting out feelers" now, and in the meantime his staff has apparently already doubled since the announcement of the second shop.

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

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