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Justin Bieber Treats Some Cops to Dinner at a Midtown Diner

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Just because he has a checkered history with the law, doesn't mean Bieber can't pick up the $200 tab for a few members of the NYPD.


Ridiculous teen idol/frequent troublemaker Justin Bieber has been hanging out in New York City recently – loving it – and this weekend he stopped by the Comfort Diner in Midtown. As it happens, some police officers were dining there at the same time, and so the Biebster decided to pick up the tab for New York's finest.

This is despite the pop star's numerous run-ins with the law – unless maybe he's just trying to make nice. In any case, according to TMZ, Bieber spent about $200 on dinner for five cops, which is probably like a pocketful of change for him. Now if he had done something like this at Bowery Meat Company, instead of a diner, that would have been impressive.

Comfort Diner

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