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Cinnamon Snail, Every Vegan's Favorite Food Truck, to Shut Down by End of Month

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After five years, the owners weren't able to secure another permit. But they hope to open a shop down the road.

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The cult following of vegan food truck Cinnamon Snail is in mourning today. Over the weekend, chef Adam Sobel announced that he and his wife will shut down the Vendy Award-winning truck in two weeks, because its permit will expire and the duo wasn't able to score another. In a long note on Facebook, Sobel said they launched the truck five years ago "to shatter the misconceptions people have about vegan food, and to make the mainstream gravitate towards considering a meat free diet." They've earned a lot of fans since then, but despite their success, things haven't come easily. Sobel writes:

Running food trucks is a very problem ridden business model. Much as I have absolutely loved being able to do it, running the Cinnamon Snail been emotionally and physically exhausting.... we have had every type of emergency, from generators catching fire, engines needing to be replaced, to police harassment, parking problems, and being chased off by other food trucks and restaurants.... We face every problem a regular brick and mortar restaurant deals with, plus many more problems that are unique to food truck life.

But this is not the end of tofu breakfast burritos and vegan doughnuts forever. The duo hopes to return with a brick and mortar shop, either "in the likeness of the Cinnamon Snail, or as a new exciting (vegan) concept."  In the meantime, several of Sobel's most popular recipes will be published in his book Street Vegan, which will come out in May.

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