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Brooklyn Taco Breaks Up With Essex St. Market; The Bruffin and Puddin' Shutter

Plus Bubble Bar, a remnant of the 90s in Tribeca, will close this summer.

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Lower East Side: A souring relationship between Brooklyn Taco's owners and the management of the Essex Street Market recently led the four year old taco stand to shutter, reports The Lo Down. A note on the kiosk's black board reads: "We thank our loyal customers for their support. We had a great run and met so many interesting and amazing people....We will miss you all!" The market won't close for its big move across the street for another couple of years, but things in the market are already fairly quiet.

Lower East Side: Brioche-meets-muffin company and Smorgasburg vendor The Bruffin, which went brick and mortar at The Yard last fall, has shuttered, notes Bowery Boogie. The hybrid pastries are now available at the Gansevoort Market.

East Village: Pudding shop Puddin' recently posted a sign saying "Oh fudge! We forgot some paperwork. Be back soon!" But, the chef and owner Clio Goodman posted a note on Facebook this week saying the shop is officially dunzo, says EV Grieve. "To all our loyal patrons, it is with much sadness that we announce we will not be reopening in the near future. We can't thank you all enough for the support over the years; it meant the world to us. It was a great ride indeed."

Tribeca: Just shy of the 20 year mark, champagne lounge Bubble Bar, a true holdout of the 90s, is set to close. The lease is up this July, but the landlord tells The Tribeca Citizen that the final bottle may be popped before then.