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Lincoln Center Decides to Open Its Own Outdoor Champagne Bar

Plus, two more indoor bars are in the works for the performing arts complex.


Lincoln Center has a deal in the works to add an outdoor Champagne bar to its expansive fountain plaza, as well as two more indoor bars. The al fresco idea was tested out at a few one-off events last summer, and the Community Board seems tentatively in favor of a place to sip some bubbly pre-performance. The Lincoln Center team insists that the bar, which would only seat 16 people, will double as a public venue, where visitors can sit (if they can snag a seat) without purchasing anything and bring in their own food and drink. Logistics like whether the bar would be self service, table service, or some combination thereof is still being discussed.

And if that wasn't enough booze news to hit the performing arts circuit, CB7 has given its approval for two new bars in Avery Fisher Hall and Alice Tully Hall. A final verdict on the bubbly bar will be given at the March CB meeting.

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