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Villagio on the Park Owners Fire Back Over Fish Hook Found in Branzino

All of the branzino is farmed, so how did that hook find its way in that fish?


When news broke yesterday that Aliona Russo, a diner at Villagio on the Park, was suing over a two inch fish hook she found in her $42 branzino, the story spread like wildfire, as New Yorkers collectively envisioned biting down on something like that themselves. One owner initially responded saying: "The hook was 3 inches long. How does that go in your mouth and you don't notice it?" But, now he's backtracking, claiming that the hook couldn't have possibly found its way into the fish naturally — all of the restaurant's branzino is farmed and caught in nets, reports Grub Street. He's accusing Russo of planting the hook in the fish herself, and plans to counter sue.

Villagio On The Park

40 Central Park S, New York, NY 10019 (212) 369-4000

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