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Queens Delivery Guy Caught Peeing in Elevator Subjected to PIX 11 Interrogation

He eventually apologized, and said he won't do it again.

A delivery guy for one Queens pizzeria learned a very important lesson this week: Peeing in elevators in not OK. Doesn't matter if it's the dinner rush, and the customer's been waiting, and there's just no time for a break – just don't do it. Unfortunately for this particular delivery guy, he had to learn that lesson in the hardest of ways, as the subject of a PIX 11 expose.

Here's what happened: The tenant of the building in Flushing noticed a big puddle of pee in the elevator, and reported it to the building manager. The manager reviewed the surveillance tapes to discover that the perpetrator was a guy delivering food, and then connected the dots to figure out that he had come from Coppola's Pizza. The manager then called the police, but because the cops don't actually care enough to hunt down errant pee-ers, they refused to help. So who else is a New Yorker to turn to? Arnold Diaz, of course, relentless local investigative reporter.

Diaz confronted the restaurant owner, and the delivery guy himself, and eventually managed to eke out a confession and an apology from the latter, which was apparently enough to satisfy the building manager. Here's the full story, as told on PIX 11. Brace for puns about urination and brutally awkward dramatic confrontations: