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Judge Rules Against Neighbor's Attempt to Shut Down Babbo Over Noise and Fumes

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Nurettin Akgul was trying to get the city to shut down the restaurant's ventilation system. He's still suing Mario Batali for $10 million.

Daniel Krieger

In court today a judge ruled against an enraged neighbor's attempt to have Babbo's entire HVAC and ventilation system shut down, which of course would have also shut down the restaurant. The neighbor, Nurettin Akgul, claims that he has been plagued by the odors of garlic and grease from Mario Batali's Greenwich Village classic, plus "unrelenting vibrations" from the restaurant's air conditioners, which he says Batali failed to keep under control despite promises otherwise.

But the judge today decided to block his emergency order to shut it all down, because the facts were, according to her, "highly disputed." Specifically, they are disputed by the Department of Buildings, which approved the kitchen exhaust pipe, and by the fact that no city agency has confirmed that the noise produced by the air conditioners is at an illegal level.

So for now, at least, Babbo fans should be relieved to know that the restaurant is not in imminent danger of shutting down. That being said, Akgul does plan to appeal the decisions, and he is still suing Mario Batali for $10 million in damages over the whole thing.


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