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Community Board 3 Wisely Rejects Applicant for Mission Chinese Food's Former Hellhole

The space is full of mice and illegal structures, but Tal Lavi is still hoping to get a liquor license for his restaurant there.

Google Street View

Despite horror stories of mouse-infested cesspools, and Danny Bowien's ongoning lawsuit against the landlord, Tal Lavi is still hoping to open a North African/Israeli tapas restaurant called Shalom Tov in the old Mission Chinese Food space. The community board, however, is forcing Lavi to take a better look, reports Bowery Boogie. Last night the board stonewalled Lavi's request for a liquor license, telling him everything Bowien already knows: that 154 Orchard Street isn't zoned for commercial use, there's no certificate of occupancy for the backyard, and that the structure in that backyard is illegal. Lavi has withdrawn his application (for now) and is consulting an architect. The community board hinted that it could be swayed to say yes to a beer and wine license if Lavi agreed to not use the backyard, but perhaps it's time for Lavi to read the writing on the rat-infested walls.