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Major Food Group's Four Seasons Build-Out Will Cost $30M

Landlord Aby Rosen is courting investors with marble boxes shaped like the restaurant's famous square pool.

The famous pool in the Four Seasons restaurant
The famous pool in the Four Seasons restaurant

Major Food Group's new restaurant in the Four Seasons will get built at a hefty price tag of $30 million, according to a new report from Crain's. Seagram Building landlord Aby Rosen is trying to raise that much cash to transform the historic Four Seasons Restaurant, which will close next year to be replaced with a new concept by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, Jeff Zalaznick, and their team. Rosen's been sending deep-pocketed execs marketing materials in marble boxes shaped like the restaurant's famous pool, with hopes that as many as 100 people will pitch in at least $300,000 each. In return, Rosen's promising them a 120 percent return before he or MFG take a dime. After that, investors would receive 40 percent of future profits, while Rosen and the Torrisi trio keep the rest, Crain's reports.

Rosen has previously said he was seeking fresh blood for Four Seasons, which had been in the landmarked space since 1959 and run by the notoriously sleazy Julian Niccolini. Four Seasons and Rosen ultimately didn't work out a deal to renew the lease. The Torrisi crew's new spot won't be called the Four Seasons and won't be just one concept. Instead, they'll be transforming the space into three different "experiences" with different menus — apparently at the cost of $30 million. "The idea is to restore and reinvigorate the greatest restaurant space that’s ever existed," Zalaznick has said.

The Four Seasons Restaurant

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