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Reviews for Señor Frog's and Quality Eats, Plus a Few Looks Back at 2015

Here's a roundup of this week's big reviews and "best of 2015" lists from the critics and bloggers.

[Quality Eats]
[Quality Eats]
Nick Solares

Pete Wells visits the Times Square outpost of Señor Frog's and has a great time: "I had more fun at Señor Frog’s than at almost any other restaurant that has opened in the last few years." Of the food however, Wells is less excited: "Most things I tried may as well have stayed in the kitchen, except the chicken enchiladas, which should have been sent back to Cancún. I thought they tasted like tuna, but a more acute observer said the flavor was like pork sprinkled with fish food." Zero stars.

[Senor Frogs] Photo by Nick Solares

[Señor Frogs] Photo by Nick Solares

At Quality Eats in the West Village, Shauna Lyon of Tables for Two isn't just a fan of the meat dishes: "There's more than just beef. A delicate grilled branzino comes with tangy artichoke sauce, and, of the many decadent sides, special mention must go to the addictive honey bread, hot super-soft rolls that are pulled apart and slathered with pungent bacon butter that melts on contact."

Adam Platt's "Where to Eat 2016" takes a look back at the year in food. On his list for best new restaurants are Babu Ji, Mission Chinese Food, Noreetuh, Semilla, and Wildair. Of the Orchard Street wine bar he writes: "Most places have one dish that you want to come back for again and again, but Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske’s pint-size Lower East Side wine bar has three or four. Pound for pound (and dollar for dollar), this might be the most satisfying new restaurant in town."

[Babu Ji] Photo by Daniel Krieger

[Babu Ji Photo by Daniel Krieger]

Additionally, Platt shares his list for the best new chefs with one not-so-new name making the list: Brooks Headley.  Platt writes: "The award-winning former pastry cook at Del Posto isn’t technically a new chef, but his much-discussed (and now much-imitated) Superiority Burger is possibly the most influential dish of this vegetable-saturated year."

Steve Cuozzo airs his grievances regarding the dining trends he rather not see in 2016. Number twelve: "Owners’ snotty 'open letters' to critics. Hold your tongues, boys and girls." The Post critic also has a few suggestions for where to eat in 2016.

Zachary Feldman hasn't stopped thinking about the baked potatoes at Mekelburg's. The spud dish tops his list of the 20 best dishes from 2015. He recalls: "Alicia and Daniel Mekelburg’s baked potatoes redefine the staple comfort food as an affordable luxury. You’ve never seen spuds so glamour-shot ready, their creased and cracked salt-baked skins split down the middle and stuffed with lavish fillings."

The Blogs: Joe DiStefano finds the perfect hangover cure in Coatzingo's pozole rojoThe Infatuation gives Kat & Theo a 5.8 rating, The Food Doc spends Christmas at Momofuku Ko, Goodies First pays a visit to Emoji Burger in Jackson Heights, and The Pink Pig finds a few exceptional dishes at Oiji.