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A Sneak Peek Inside MáLà Project, a New Spicy Chinese Spot in East Village

The new Chinese restaurant specializing in dry pot is having a soft opening this week.

Here is a look around MáLà Project, a new East Village Chinese restaurant specializing in dry pot cooking. Occupying the space that last housed South Brooklyn Pizza on First Avenue, MáLà also annexed an adjacent space to create a restaurant with two entrances — one leading to the bar and another to a long, narrow dining room. There is no alcohol yet, so BYOB/W, but otherwise the restaurant is ready, willing , and able to satisfy your dry pot needs. Take a look at the space above and the menu below. If you stop by this week do let us know what you think.

MáLà Project

603 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (718) 500-3881 Visit Website