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As a Christmas Surprise, Mission Chinese Food Launches Dim Sum Brunch

The MCF team busts out the carts and Champagne.

Danny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga
Danny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga

Danny Bowien and his crew kicked off dim sum brunch at Mission Chinese Food on Christmas Day.  Before the holiday,  Bowien told Metro: "We’re gonna have dim sum carts going around, but not with traditional dim sum....It’s gonna be Mission Chinese Food: little plates of mapo tofu, and scrambled egg and tapioca dumplings."  Bowien and MCF's executive chef Angela Dimayuga were in the restaurant, working with the carts on ChristmasThe dim sum brunch service will continue on weekends at MCF. The restaurant is closed today, but brunch will resume tomorrow. Here are some shots of the food, from Instagram:

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Meanwhile, Bowien is planning some changes at his other restaurant, Mission Cantina. A few months after the switch to an all-burrito menu, it looks like Bowien is going to start serving some Chinese-American dishes, too.  Bowien shares a menu on Twitter that includes crab rangoon, Mongolian grass-fed beef, and kung pao organic chicken.

Mission Chinese Food

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