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Jason Wang's Biang! Settles Into Former Alder Space

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Biang! is even using Alder's sidewalk cafe guard.

[Jason Wang in front of Xi'an Famous Foods in the East Village]
[Jason Wang in front of Xi'an Famous Foods in the East Village]
Daniel Krieger

Just a few months after Wylie Dufresne's Alder shuttered in August, Biang! officially opened its doors this week at 157 Second AvenueBiang! the sit-down service restaurant and offshoot of Xi'an Famous Foods was most recently operating out of Flushing, Queens before quietly closing in November. Owner and operator Jason Wang plans on turning the former Biang! location on Flushing's Main Street into a flagship for Xi'an Famous Foods. EV Grieves notes that earlier this month Biang! submitted paperwork for a beer and wine license to the CB3 but no word yet on its approval. A sign in front of the space notes that Biang! is currently cash only. The restaurant is currently using Alder's sidewalk cafe guard.

In 2012 Biang! received one star from Pete Wells, and the noodle spot is included on the Michelin's Bib Gourmand list. Fans of the Flushing original will still find Biang!'s skewers and noodles on the menu at Second Ave.