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SantaCon's Aftermath, Sway's Farewell, Sirio's Return, and More Intel

A "for rent" sign is hanging in the window of Grazin, plus more restaurant news and gossip from around NYC.

[The dining room at Meadowsweet in Williamsburg]
[The dining room at Meadowsweet in Williamsburg]
Daniel Krieger

Spring Street staple Sway is closing at the end of the month. Business at the Moroccan-themed lounge near the Holland Tunnel isn't what it used to be, despite the fact that the bar still hosts a popular Morrissey-themed party on Sunday night. The bar will probably host some type of farewell party on December 27.

— SantaCon Saturday is one of the busiest nights of the year for Altamarea Group's East Village pizzeria, Nicoletta:

[The Eater tipline.]

As usual, a few violent acts occurred during the holiday-themed bar crawl. Cops arrested an off-duty FDNY EMT who was participating in the festivities at the Village Pourhouse. She allegedly threw a glass mug at a bartender after a dispute related to the bill. Meanwhile, a Santa bro on the corner of Broadway and 29th was arrested after a brawl with another guy. The victim was left with a concussion. In other terrifying SantaCon news, a group of masked bikers in Santa costumes stormed through the East Village on Saturday afternoon.

New York's only all-nude strip club, The Show Palace, was shuttered by court order on Friday. Earlier this year, investigators found that servers at the alcohol-free club/restaurant were selling customers cocaine and marijuana. A shooting took place outside the Long Island City club a week before it was shut down.

Lower East Side bar Old Man Hustle is back in action after a two-day state-mandated temporary closure. This was the bar's punishment for serving drinks to minors last summer.

Grazin, a Tribeca American restaurant that uses humanely-raised meat, is closing at some point in the near future. A "for rent" sign is up in the window and a staff member tells Tribeca Citizen that things are "winding down." The owners also operate another location of Grazin' in Hudson, NY.

83-year-old restaurant legend Sirio Maccioni is back in New York after spending a few months recuperating from a fall in Italy. Sirio took an ambulance from the airport to a local hospital on Wednesday for a doctor's exam. Richard Johnson reports that the restaurateur tried in vain to persuade the ambulance driver to drop him off at Le Cirque so that he could say hello to his celebrity friends at a dinner celebrating the life of former Page Six editor Claudia Cohen.

Carnegie Deli is still closed and the owners have not offered any information about a possible reopening date. The famed restaurant was shut down back in April when Con Ed discovered an illegal gas hook-up in the building. The owners are in the midst of a messy divorce, and they recently settled a wage-related lawsuit for $2.65 million.

East Village Sichuan favorite Hot Kitchen is now open for business, once again. The restaurant was closed for three weeks due to an issue related to the building's gas pipe.

— Old restaurant fact blast: Yonah Shimmel's Knishes on Houston Street is actually the oldest knishery in America. It's currently operated by Yonah's great-nephew Alex Wolfman.

— The Weeknd and his entourage partied at Hotel Chantelle the other night.

A cocktail and dessert bar is slated to open at 608 Nostrand Avenue in Crown Heights next month. The proprietor of Sweet Brooklyn Bar tells DNAinfo that the space will have a "handcrafted steampunk gun display."

— And finally, here's a close look at the amazing fried pork cutlet at Katsu-Hama 47 in Midtown: