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Cafe Altro Paradiso Reveals its Impressive Marble Bar

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The Estela team's new restaurants is almost ready to rock and roll.

[From the tipline.]
[From the tipline.]

Ignacio Mattos and Thomas Carter are gearing up to open their second restaurant together. Cafe Altro Paradiso will offer Mattos's version of Italian comfort food, with a menu that will include things like bollito misto, zitti with broccoli & anchovies, and lardo lasagnette. The windows at 234 Spring Street have been plastered over for months, but the paper came down this week revealing an airy space with an impressive marble bar and several bottles of Aqua Panna waiting to be popped open. The restaurant put out an ad for line cooks at the beginning of the month. Surely, the team must be gearing up for the grand opening soon. Stay tuned for more details about the space and the menus they become available. And if you spot a new restaurant opening in your neighborhood, please let us know — the tipline is always open.