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Bushwick Flour Mill Pop-Up, Deluxe Luncheonette Shutters, and More Intel

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Rossopomodoro is planning a "bottomless pizza" special, plus more new and gossip from around NYC.

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[The dining room at Via Carota. What if you went here for lunch today and didn't go back to work? What's the worst thing that could happen?]
[The dining room at Via Carota. What if you went here for lunch today and didn't go back to work? What's the worst thing that could happen?]
Daniel Krieger

Adam Leonti, a chef who previously worked at Vetri in Philadelphia, is getting ready to open a temporary flour mill/bakery on Moore Street in Bushwick that will sell freshly made breads, pastas, and pizza dough. The Brooklyn Bread Lab, as it's called, will also offer bread and pasta-making classes. Leonti is going to be the chef at the restaurant in the forthcoming Williamsburg Hotel at the corner of North 10th and Wythe. Once the hotel opens, the Brooklyn Bread Lab space will be dedicated to making goods for the restaurant.

Deluxe Luncheonette on the corner of 113th and Broadway called it quits last week. The greasy spoon opened in 1999. A sign in the window reads: "We want to thank you for all the wonderful years together." No word yet on what will happen to the space.

Silvia Killingsworth of Tables for Two likes a lot of the dishes at vegan hot spot Avant Garden: "Carrot-harissa toast, sweet and creamy yet still vegetal, is the clear standout. A faux ceviche of paper-thin king-oyster mushrooms tossed with white-soy ponzu and jalapeño is refreshingly light and bright, with a meaty bite. Cubed beets and mango over creamy avocado has the look of a tartare but the taste of a zesty high-end guacamole, rounded out with savory notes of black sesame and tamari."

The Clinton Street location of Brunswick Coffee is now closed. The windows are covered with plastic and information about this location has been scrubbed from the Brunswick website. It opened seven months ago.

From December 13 through Christmas Eve, Rossopomodoro on Greenwich Ave will offer "bottomless pizza" for $20 per person. The caveat is that guests will have to finish their pizzas before placing any follow-up orders.

— Word on the street is that Altamarea Group's Upper East Side French restaurant Vaucluse is going to be the subject of Pete Wells's review in the Times today. Wells gave two stars to Altamarea's restaurants Costata and Ristorante Morini, but he lobbed a goose egg at the group's East Village turkey Nicoletta. Place your bets on the star count in the comments of this post.

Andrew Carmellini prefers pizza to street meat, and Shake Shack to Corner Bistro. In a new Q & A, the chef also notes: "NYC taxis have been on the decline for the 25 years I’ve been here. Half the time I’m giving them directions."

— Miley Cyrus and Wayne Coyne had lunch at veggie burger restaurant By Chloe yesterday.

— Although it's still open for business, a "for rent" sign now hangs in the window of Tribeca Japanese restaurant Sun Cafe.

— And finally, here's what to expect from Sushi Nakazawa's omakase meal: