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Is Prosperity Dumpling Moving to Broome Street? All Signs Point to Yes

The beloved cheap eats spot may be upgrading to a new space in Little Italy.

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Prosperity Dumpling may be moving into this space on Broome Street.
Prosperity Dumpling may be moving into this space on Broome Street.
Serena Dai

Beloved New York cheap eats destination Prosperity Dumpling may live again — this time in a bigger, renovated space on Broome Street, sources say. The Department of Health shut down the popular dollar dumpling spot at 46 Eldridge St. in late August after a tipster sent Gothamist a photo of Prosperity's alley, where people can be seen making dumplings. The restaurant received 65 violation points — including four critical violations —and it's yet to reopen despite the owner's assurance that they would clean up shop.

But some signs point to the owners rebounding in a brand new space at 365 Broome St. Though Prosperity Dumpling hasn't been answering the phone, a man named Robin Chang has been responding to messages on a restaurant Facebook profile page, saying he works with the owners and that they plan to reopen in December or January in a new, renovated location. Prosperity will be shutting down the Eldridge location because it is "bad," he writes. (A visit to the restaurant found that is indeed still closed.) "We don't want to happen the same thing like [before]," Chang wrote, referring to the health code issues.  After that, Chang disappeared from contact, saying owners didn't want to talk for another month. He also wouldn't confirm his position with Prosperity Dumpling and never followed through on promises to speak over the phone.

Still, there's reason to believe Chang's comments can be trusted. The Department of Health says that the Prosperity Dumpling team has yet to try and have the current location reinspected to reopen, a step that would be unnecessary if the owners planned to open somewhere else. Yelp lists a reopening date of November 25, but that date means nothing. A Yelp spokesperson says it's an "arbitrary" day selected when there's no other information available. A couple neighbors around the location in Chinatown tell Eater that they've heard word that the restaurant will be reopening elsewhere. And a visit to 365 Broome St. — a location that Chang posted about on his personal Facebook as the new spot — revealed an empty space ripe for a new restaurant.

Sam Yip, who's operated Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich next door for 16 years, used the now-empty store as a bubble tea shop up until July and still shares a landlord with it. Yip says the landlord told him Prosperity Dumpling had signed a lease to take it over. The neighbor on the other side, Make-Up Pro, has also heard word of a dumpling place opening in the space. The landlord did not immediately return a request for more information. The Broome Street location certainly looks bigger and brighter than the Eldridge one, per Chang's word.

How the new Prosperity Dumpling will look remains unclear. Yip says he had to give the space up due to a rent price in the $5,000-per-month range. "You gotta sell a lot of dumplings," Yip says, shaking his head. Renovations also cost money, and it's possible the historically dive-y cheap eats restaurant will be a little less cheap with a newer establishment. As an example, fellow cheap eats favorite Vanessa's Dumpling House eventually opened newer locations in the East Village and Williamsburg and charges slightly more for dumplings — the listed menu price is $1.59 for four in the East Village and $1.50 for four in Williamsburg.

Whatever happens, Eater will update the story as more details emerge.

Prosperity Dumpling [NYC]

46 Eldridge St., New York, NY 10002

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