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Former Hot Spot Spasso Quietly Shutters on Hudson Street

The restaurant had a great dining bar and some winning pasta dishes, but now it's dunzo.

[Spasso, behind a web of lights, branches, and scaffolding.]
[Spasso, behind a web of lights, branches, and scaffolding.]
Greg Morabito

A marshal's notice is currently hanging in the window of Bobby Werhane's Hudson Street Italian restaurant, Spasso, and the windows are papered over.

[Photo: Robert Sietsema]

Although it was never a huge hit with the critics, Spasso served better-than-average seasonal Italian food in a pretty space that had a large marble bar up front. It was a solid option in the neighborhood for a date night dinner.

Werhane opened the restaurant back in 2011, with Convivio alum Craig Wallen in the kitchen. Around the same time, Werhane also closed his nearby restaurant Choptank and turned the space into two restaurants — Caffe Muzio and Stivale but they both fizzled out quickly.

Spasso spent about half of its life behind scaffolding. No word yet on what will take its place.


551 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 858-3838