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Bun-Ker's Spinoff, Pushcart Coffee Shutter, and More Intel

Danny Meyer gets a shout-out during the National Dog Show, and more news and gossip from around NYC.

[The dining room at Untitled at The Whitney, home of "roasted and fried" chicken, and an impressive layer cake. This is a great choice for a lunch meeting or a Monday night dinner.]
[The dining room at Untitled at The Whitney, home of "roasted and fried" chicken, and an impressive layer cake. This is a great choice for a lunch meeting or a Monday night dinner.]
Daniel Krieger

The proprietors of Ridgewood critical darling Bun-Ker Vietnamese are opening a new establishment six blocks away at 99 Scott Ave. This large building will also house a winery and an event space. No word yet on what the team has planned for the menu or the dining room, but the members of the CB1 gave initial approval for a liquor license last week. Stay tuned for more details on the Bun-Ker spinoff as they become available.

The Pushcart Coffee outpost in the basement of the NYU dorm on Third Avenue near East 12th Street is closed for good. A sign in the window reads: "Thank you for your support and patronage during our four months here. Unfortunately, we had to close our doors on 11/28/15."

Restaurateur/chef/author/TV host Eddie Huang doesn't watch new episodes of Fresh Off the Boat, the show that's based on his life. Huang tells Page Six: "I’m glad it’s doing well. I’m happy for everybody...I’m just busy. I haven’t even seen ‘Homeland’ this year, and I like ‘Homeland’ a lot more."

— Danny Meyer and his pal Wally got a shout-out during the 2015 National Dog Show broadcast on Thanksgiving Day:

— A "for rent" sign is up in the window of Pinche Taqueria at 333 Lafayette Street. The restaurant went dark a little over a week ago.

As expected, Kin Shop closed on Wednesday night, and the restaurant's equipment was auctioned off over the weekend.

[Photo: Swarm]

Ligaya Mishan is a big fan of the tamale at Amaranto in Bushwick. A few other highlights: "A simple crab tostada, radiant with lime, is stealthily dusted with fennel salt, introducing a distant whiff of candy, and dehydrated olives, whose intensity approaches aged cheese. Huitlacoche lurks in a 'corn field soup' of lemongrass and herb stock, dense with roasted corn, carrots, leeks and green beans, all underwritten by grassy epazote."

Vic's Pizza on Essex Street is closing after service today because the building is being demolished. The pizzeria has been in business for over 40 years.  The owner has not found a new home for the restaurant yet.

— A new ramen parlor is coming to the old Jamba Juice space at 4 University Place:

[Robert Sietsema]

— Nino's Pizza on St. Mark's and its next-door neighbor Yoshi Sushi have both been closed since October 21, when Con-Ed discovered a gas leak in the basement of the building. Eviction notices were posted in the windows of the restaurants last week, indicating that both establishments owed rent to the landlord. Nino's owner Nino Camaj told Bedford + Bowery last week: "[T]hey want us to pay rent for the month we have been closed, and I’m not paying that, that’s their problem." His lawyers are talking to the landlord, Citi Urban Management. EV Grieve notices that "help wanted" signs are now hanging in the window of Nino's, so the shop might be close to reopening.

— Oprah Winfrey and 20 alumnae of her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa had Thanksgiving dinner at The Rainbow Room.

— Back Forty West is now serving smoked and cured Asian carp ribs. The Robs declare that these fish sticks are "absolutely delicious."

— And finally, here's a latke-making demonstration from downtown restaurateur Gabe Stulman:


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