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John Daley to Reopen New York Sushi Ko as Chef/Owner on December 1

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One of New York's sushi hits is springing back to life.

[John Daley]
[John Daley]

After nearly three months out of operation, New York Sushi Ko, the celebrated 11-seat sushi restaurant on Clinton Street, will reopen its doors December 1. "I popped down to explore lunch options and to help my friend with Church Street Tavern,'' says chef John Daley, who did a pop up sushi project at that Tribeca restaurant. In the interim, he has bought out his partner and become Sushi Ko's sole owner.

Daley will be instituting some changes. The three-tiered omakase choices of $125, $175, and $200 are gone: there will only be a set $150 omakase for anyone making a reservation between 5:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. A la carte offerings are available for walk-ins only.

And apparently the lunch options he explored proved successful, because Daley is adding daytime service. "Lunch will be walk-in and more approachable,'' he says. Apart from omakase, which will run $50 or $100, he will serve a $25 special of soba and a roll, as well as a $40 upgraded version with premium items like uni or toro. Photography and phone calls which are outlawed at dinner, will be allowed during lunch. "I got flack here and there for not allowing photos at dinner, but they slow down service and disrupt the experience for those who don't choose to dine that way,'' he explains.

All in all, Daley is excited to return to his own turf. "It feels great to be back behind my sushi counter after almost 90 days,'' he says." I've been chomping at the bit and I have some fun things I want to put on the plate.''