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Balthazar Loses its Scaffolding, Maple Gets Reviewed, and More Intel

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Aby Rosen DGAF about what people think of him, plus more news and gossip from around New York City.

[It's a Thanksgiving week miracle: Balth sans scaffolding]
[It's a Thanksgiving week miracle: Balth sans scaffolding]
Nick Solares

— The scaffolding was finally removed from the Spring Street building that houses Balthazar last week. The poles and plywood were erected over two years ago. Take a peek at that glorious, scaffolding-free frontage in the photo above.

Over 40 people in six states got sick from the E Coli strain after eating at Chipotle recently. One of the cases is tied to a location of the chain in Amherst, NY. Chipotle is thoroughly cleaning the stores where customers got sick, and the CDC is currently investigating that chain's operations.

—‚ Real estate tycoon Aby Rosen doesn't care that some people don't like his decision to boot The Four Seasons from the Seagram Building, and partner up with the Major Food Group. Rosen tells Centurion: "People call me a monster, nouveau riche, brash, enfant terrible, visionary, copy-cat....Not everybody has to like my story or understand where I’m going. I’m doing this for myself, for my dignity, for my self-importance, for my family, for my partner, for the people who work here."

The Robs give three Underground Gourmet stars to Maple, the meal delivery service that counts David Chang as an investor. The critics like the salads and sandwiches most of all: "A Cubano spiked with aji amarillo peppers was soulful and satisfying. A lemongrass-chicken bánh mì had all the right stuff, including a light and airy, perfectly textured baguette-like roll. And smoked trout with a creamy horseradish spread on toasted rye was as delicious as we could have hoped for."

— French street artist Invader installed a number of mosaics around town last week, including this Ninja Turtles piece above Artichoke Basille's in Chelsea:

East Sixth Street Mexican restaurant La Esquina Burritos and Bar has changed its name to East Village Burritos and Bar. The restaurant is not affiliated in any way with Soho favorite La Esquina. In other East Sixth Street news, Spice Cove is closed, but the owners are planning a new Sri Lankan/Indian restaurant in the space called Banana Leaf.

After visiting Rao's in the early 80s, Martin Scorsese decided to cast 21 people from the restaurant as extras in Goodfellas. This is one of many pieces of trivia in a new Post feature about the history of the restaurant, which includes a list of 12 heavy-hitters who "own" tables.

Gael Greene likes her first meal at Einat Admony's Combina in Soho: "The food is mostly wonderful, assertive, and original, starting with tangy and garlicky eggplant escabeche under a confetti of dill to pile on warmed baguette with a slick of thick yogurt.... Blood sausage can be soft and bland, more about texture than flavor. But Combina’s morcilla sausage, paired with piquillo peperonata, is chewy and lively with chili heat. I find myself longing for another inch or two of warm baguette."

The owner of shuttered Tribeca restaurant Il Mattone has a new pizzeria project in the works at 49 Beach Street. An early rendering includes Il Mattone signage, so this might actually be a revival of the restaurant, which closed in 2012.

A 76-year-old employee of Farrell's in Windsor Terrace was just inducted into Bartender magazine's Bartender Hall of Fame. Jim Houlihan has been pouring drinks for 50 years.

— And finally, here's how to make Momofuku-style kimchi, at home:


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