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Moore Food & Drink Turns Back Into Ed's Chowder House

The partners have parted ways in what is now described as a "pop-up." Meanwhile, downtown, Moore's other projects are moving ahead despite delays.

Nick Solares / Facebook

Moore Food & Drink in the Empire Hotel has closed permanently. The collaboration between Harold Moore (Commerce, Harold's Meat + Three) and China Grill Management opened back September and temporarily replaced Ed's Chowder House. According to Moore he signed an eight week lease with CGC with the possibility that they could "work something out" for a longer commitment. Apparently CGM decided not to extend the lease, although it appears that the parting was mutual.

Moore tells Eater that he "appreciates" the opportunity, but recognizes that there is a very different clientele on the Upper West Side compared to downtown.  CGM has reopened Ed's Chowder House, issuing a statement saying that the team members "were glad to have had the opportunity to work with Harold Moore." The group also announces that Derek Dupree is the new executive chef. Meanwhile, Moore reports that Commerce Sweet Shop — originally slated to open in July — should be open by Thanksgiving. The opening of Harold's Meat + Three in the Tommie Hotel in Hudson Square has now been pushed back until March due to construction delays.