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Floyd Cardoz Is Scouting Spaces Downtown for a New Casual Restaurant

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The chef is drawing inspiration form his recent time in India.

[Floyd Cardoz in the kitchen at North End Grill]
[Floyd Cardoz in the kitchen at North End Grill]
Daniel Krieger

Floyd Cardoz is honing in on a new project. The former Tabla chef — who recently opened Bombay Canteen in Mumbai, and left White Street in August — tells Eater he has been shopping for a space north of Canal and south of 30th Street, that will hold between 60 and 75 seats. Cardoz explains:

I want to use more indigenous Indian spicing techniques along with local ingredients...I would do a local striped bass collar poached in a traditional coconut curry, or use local Brussels sprouts in place of cabbage along with lentils. I also want to use lesser known techniques and ingredients from India. I'm not going to do chicken tikka masala, but I would do lucknowi biryani, a very celebratory dish made with baby goat or chicken and rice in a broth with saffron and garam masala. I thought I knew Indian food but I've been traveling and I'm discovering a lot of new things. If people here knew about 10 percent of the food in India, they would be blown away. There are peppers that are like shishitos called bhavanagri, and all kinds of breads.

Cardoz also says he wants to keep his new restaurant more casual. "White Street is beautiful but I want this to be a place people can come every other day. I don't think most people want to eat the way they did upstairs at Tabla any more."

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