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Sadelle's Is So Hot That the Servers Are Literally Catching on Fire

Actual flames.

[The dining room at Sadelle's]
[The dining room at Sadelle's]
Nick Solares

Sadelle's, the wildly popular Soho Jewish bakery/bistro from Major Food Group, launched dinner last week with a menu that includes caviar, veal pelemni, Roumanian steak, and fried chicken. For the start of dinner service, the Torrisi Squad also purchased a lot of white candles. At night, these are the primary sources of illumination in the dining room, and they also add a certain element of danger to the proceedings. Via the tipline, a reader named Mike shares his experience:

I went there Friday night food was decent, potato chip raw scallop was a fun dish. BUT the moment of the night was when our waiter's polyester jacket caught on fire because of all those damn candles. I know it sounds like a joke but it honestly happened seemed surreal. They put out the fire quickly and the dude was ok/ resumed being our waiter but there is no way that place doesn't have at least one fire related incident a month.

If you have any noteworthy experiences like this at Sadelle's or any other restaurant throughout the city, please let us know — the tipline is always open.

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