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Sushi Dojo Reopens Without David Bouhadana

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The acclaimed sushi chef got the axe.

[David Bouhadana at Sushi Dojo]
[David Bouhadana at Sushi Dojo]
Paul Crispin Quitoriano

The Sushi Dojo glove saga has finally coming to an end. After a re-inspection from the Department of Health, the acclaimed East Village sushi restaurant reopened this evening. Sushi Dojo has been closed since October 22, when the restaurant received two critical violations, including a demerit for not having the "proper utensil to eliminate bare hand contact with food that will not receive adequate additional heat treatment." The next day, Sushi Dojo's spinoff at Gansevoort Market was also shut down by the Department of Health. Immediately following the closure, chef David Bouhadana told Eater: "We were closed for one thing and one thing only, not wearing gloves." In the intervening weeks, Bouhadana launched a petition urging the Department of Health to change its rules related to bare hand contact.

A worker at the restaurant today confirmed that it was reopening without the chef, and that Bouhadana was no longer involved with Sushi Dojo. A reader who called to make a reservation was told that the chef was let go. Eater has reached out to Bouhadana, but no word yet on his future plans.

The re-inspection results are not online, and there's no word yet on when Sushi Dojo Express will reopen. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

UPDATE 11/15: Sushi Dojo owner Boris Lidukhover explains, via email: "David Bouhadana has been relieved from the Executive Chef's position of acclaimed East Village restaurant Sushi Dojo. The reason for this decision was Bouhadana's unprofessional conduct and deliberate repeated violations of NYS DOH codes and regulations that took place on numerous occasions." According to information on the DOH homepage, Sushi Dojo and Sushi Dojo express were both given the okay to reopen after inspections last week.

Note: Previously, Eater referred to Bouhadana as chef/proprietor, but he was never a partner in the restaurant.

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