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The Final Piece of the Sadelle's Puzzle Fits Snugly Into Place: Dinner Is Served

The caviar flows like water rushing down a Rocky Mountain stream.

Nick Solares

Major Food Group is now serving dinner at the winterized garden of earthly delights known as Sadelle's.  Service began last night, actually. The restaurant has a full buy-out this evening, so the dining room has absolutely no availability for walk-ins or reservations.  But dinner will resume, business as usual, tomorrow night.

To prepare for the dinner launch, the Torrisi Boys and Girls purchased every white candle on the eastern seaboard. Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Melissa Weller also created a slew of new dishes, many of which draw inspiration from Eastern Europe. The menu includes veal pelmeni, double-baked potatoes with caviar, Roumanian steak, chicken paprika, and caviar with pancakes and other accouterments. Sadelle's is also serving some dishes that don't follow the Eastern European theme, like fried chicken, a patty melt, and pigs in a blanket. The drinks list from cocktail masetro Thomas Waugh has a number of infused vodkas.

The Major Food team did many, many friends and family dinners in preparation for this week's launch and photos of some of the dishes have already popped up on Instagram. If you happen to stop by this weekend, let us know what you think.


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