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Shake Shack Price Hike, Court Street Grocers Spinoff, and More Intel

Teany is back in action after getting shutdown by the taxman, plus more restaurant news and gossip.

[The dining room at Little Park.  Just a great restaurant, especially if you want a somewhat light meal.]
[The dining room at Little Park. Just a great restaurant, especially if you want a somewhat light meal.]
Daniel Krieger

— Shake Shack is going to raise its prices at all locations across the country next year. Buzzfeed reports that the chain is gearing up for a "low single-digit percent hike," because the company is planning to raise is workers' wages. Earlier this week, CEO Randy Garutti explained: "We don't expect [the price increase] to fully offset — the labor pressures that we're going to see...We expect it to partially offset and to help, but certainly not offset completely what we're going to see with labor in this country over the [next] two, three, four years." Business Insider notes that the Shack increased menu prices by three percent in fall 2014, and it also hike them by five percent in winter 2015.

— Speaking of Shake Shack, the Flatbush Avenue location reopened yesterday after a brief closure due to issues related to the building.

The Greenwich Village location of Court Street Grocers opened this morning at 540 LaGuardia Place with a menu that includes favorites from the original Carroll Gardens outpost, plus new salads and sandwiches. The shop is only open for breakfast and lunch right now, but dinner is on the way. The space has a counter with 11 seats, and an area with five two-tops.

— A new app called Homemade offers meals cooked by amateur chefs in their apartments, for delivery. Currently, the service is only available in Bushwick, but the team plans to expand to other neighborhoods in Brooklyn soon. Bedford + Bowery notes that this is basically "the AirBNB of food delivery."

Lupulo's George Mendes recently quit drinking and started exercising a lot and eating healthy stuff. The chef tells the Post: "I had low energy, was irritable [and] out of shape and was not a kind person....I had fallen into our industry’s common stereotype … it was always bars, clubs, lounges, meeting up with other chef friends, using that night life to drink away the stress." He and Seamus Mullen are work-out buddies.

— LES vegetarian staple Teany was closed by the Department of Taxation and Finance last month due to non-payment of taxes, but now the vegan cafe is back in action.

A pest control company called Earthkind is giving away free pizza and poison today at the First Avenue L-Train station, the home of Pizza Rat.

— Stuy-Town's Chipotle is slated to open on Sunday.

— Pete Wells makes a good point:

Steve Cuozzo is a fan of La Pecora Bianca near Madison Square Park, even if it's not exactly the "healthy" restaurant it pretends to be: "Although this fine new trattoria purposefully targets health-aware eaters with organic ingredients and by doing without deep-frying, none of the salads and pasta I enjoyed was remotely low-calorie, unless you held your intake to a few forkfuls."

— And finally, here's how to make ice cream like Sam Mason:

La Pecora Bianca

950 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022 (212) 899-9996 Visit Website

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