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Adrià Dinner at Empellon, Heartbeet Goes Belly Up, and More Intel

The New Yorker visits Bruno Pizza, plus more restaurant news from around New York City.

[The back space at The Musket Room. Could be a solid choice for dinner if you're in the mood for New Zealand-inspired cuisine in Noho.]
[The back space at The Musket Room. Could be a solid choice for dinner if you're in the mood for New Zealand-inspired cuisine in Noho.]
Daniel Krieger

The four people involved in a deadly shooting near Penn Station yesterday met at the so-called "zombie McDonald's" right before the violent incident. The NYPD's chief of detectives Robert K. Boyce believes the motive behind the shooting was narcotics. The shooter had coffee with the three men, then he left the restaurant at 12 Penn Plaza to grab a gun. When the three men walked out on to the street, the gunman opened fire on his three associates and fled the scene of the crime. One of the men died on the spot, and the other two were taken to Bellevue Hospital. The police have made no arrests. This McDonald's location is a notorious hang-out for addicts, drug dealers, and people undergoing methadone treatment. The Times notes that the NYPD has made dozens of arrests at this outpost of the chain this year.

— Cold-press juice operation Heartbeet Juicery is dunzo. Last month, the owners shared a message on Facebook: "This journey began 3 years ago, we trusted our instincts and with you as our inspiration we created something beautiful. Now following our hearts, we are closing Heartbeet Juicery, opening ourselves to what could be next as we head into the wild and unknown." Bowery Boogie reports that the old Heartbeet storefront at 85 Stanton Street is on its way to becoming a take-out operation called Rise Coffee.

— Alex Stupak is going to be cooking a meal with Albert Adrià at Empellon Cocina on December 12. This is an installment of the chef's Push Project dinner series. Stupak tells Eater: "When I was 20 years old, it was Albert's first book, Los Postres de El Bulli that inspired me to become a pastry chef and try to get into creative kitchens stateside. He will be bringing Mexican inspired dishes from Hoja Santa with him and its shaping up to be a 14 courses." Tickets for the dinner are now available on Empellon's homepage via Tock.

Some pranksters made a remote-controlled Pizza Rat:

The teams from Ample Hills and Four and Twenty Blackbirds are collaborating on an ice cream/pie mash-up called Walt and The Blackbirds. It's a salty honey pie topped with brown-sugar-oatmeal-cookie ice cream, hot fudge, and sprinkles. The dessert is available for pre-order at Ample Hills.

A 1,000-foot tower is being built on the same block as Junior's, at 340 Flatbush Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn. Some reports yesterday indicated that Junior's would be demolished as part of the development, but a rep tells Curbed that the developers don't own the Junior's space, and it will continue to operate, business as usual. The owner of Junior's rejected a $45 million cash offer for the space last year.

— Teen chef Flynn McGarry makes a surprise appearance in the Delia's holiday catalog.

Amelia Lester of Tables for Two likes Bruno Pizza, despite a few misfires on the menu. Here's the critic on the non-pizza items: "A dashi broth with apple-cider vinaigrette and boiled ’nduja is somehow meaty and ascetic at the same time, compelling enough to make you forget the main event, sweet potatoes and rutabaga. Celery root three ways (puréed, raw, roasted) might not sound like a good time, but it works, thanks in part to various diversionary tactics, like cured salmon, concord grapes, and Skyr yogurt, arranged around the plate like hours on a melting clock."

— The site of the former Greenpoint Terminal Market will soon be home to a 155 key hotel with a restaurant on the ground floor and a bar on the roof. No word yet on who will operate the restaurant spaces.

A new ramen restaurant called Mr. Taka is slated to open in the old Tiengarden space at 170 Allen Street later this week.

— And finally, here's how to make gnocchi like Lidia Bastianich:

Bruno Pizza

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