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Landmark Tavern Discrimination Case, Cafe Du Soleil Chef Arrested, and More Intel

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Ligaya Mishan goes on a biscuit run, plus more news from around New York City.

[The Dining room at Veselka.  Fine place for lunch today, or any meal this weekend.]
[The Dining room at Veselka. Fine place for lunch today, or any meal this weekend.]
Daniel Krieger

A black medical student claims that he was denied use of the bathroom at Landmark Tavern on West 46th Street because of the color of his skin.  A few weeks ago, Kim Ohaegbulam was celebrating the completion of a school project at the bar with a few friends who had ordered drinks. When he got up to use the bathroom, a manger allegedly told him it was for paying customers only. Ohaegbulam claims that he had been there with his friends for 45 minutes, but the manager still wouldn't let him use the bathroom. The medical student then asked to speak to the owner, and the manager called the cops. When they arrived, Ohaegulam was cuffed, taken to the precinct and given a summons for disorderly conduct. Now he plans to sue the bar for racial discrimination, and the city for false arrest. No security footage of the incident is available, but Ohaegulam has witnesses and a bar receipt that back up his story.

Matthew Tivy — the chef/restaurateur behind Cafe du Soliel on the Upper West Side — was arrested yesterday on child pornography charges. The cops busted Tivy and charged him with the sexual abuse of a minor back in May. Following the arrest, prosecutors got a warrant to search his phone and the FBI found texts between the chef and a Bronx high school student, plus photos and videos. The authorities also found evidence that he distributed pics of a naked New Jersey teen on Kik, and that he also had sex with him. Tivy pleaded not guilty to the charges of having sex with a minor and distributing pornography.

On a much lighter note, Ligaya Mishan samples nine different southern-style biscuits for her Hungry City column this week. Here's the critic on Treva Chadwell's baked goods at Beehive Oven in Williamsburg:

Her biscuits are an approximation of her grandmother’s, which were flat, with hard, browned bottoms. Ms. Chadwell’s are taller, sometimes nearly toppling, their slopes suggesting landslides of dough. They have amber lids and interiors that are somehow fluffy and dense at once, delicate yet robust enough to survive when stuffed with fried chicken or shrimp rémoulade.

Artist David Joel just removed his large murals from the old Commerce space. The restaurant closed back in June, due to issues with the landlord. No word yet on what will happen to the space now.

B'klyn Burro — a burrito pop-up that operated out of Don Pedro's for a few years — is setting up shop at Berg'n in Crown Heights this month. The menu includes Northern California-style burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. The two guys behind the taqueria both lived in the SF Bay Area. Co-owner Pepe Urquijo tells Grub Street: "I want people to feel that they have somehow arrived at the corner of 24th and Mission...It would break my heart when people would tell me they had given up on finding burritos and that they'd just make it at home now."

— John McDonald's new Italian restaurant in the Sixty Soho, Sessanta, is now open for lunch. The menu includes a salumi panini, a charred romaine salad, pasta with clams, and marinated vegetables with pecorino.

— Cobble Hill Italian charmer Brucie is teaming up with Ford for a special three-course dinner on October 14. Guests will dine and drink for free if they test drive a Ford Edge. Reservations are required; 347-987-4961. Check out the menu here.

— And finally, here is how to make Momofuku-style kimchi, at home:


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