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Chef Cesare Casella Slips Out of the Kitchen at Salumeria Rosi

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He cleaned all the rosemary out of the fridge, stuffed it in his pocket, and left through the front door.

[Cesare Casella at the Upper East Side location of Salumeria Rosi in 2012]
[Cesare Casella at the Upper East Side location of Salumeria Rosi in 2012]
Daniel Krieger

Back in March, chef Cesare Casella announced that he was no longer involved with the Upper East Side outpost of Salumeria Rosi. And now the chef sends word that he has also parted ways with Salumeria's original location on the Upper West Side. The chef explains that his partners sold the company to someone else. He tried to buy it, but the new owners wanted a deal for both restaurants, so it didn't work out. Casella promises that he's "working on some new projects for 2016."

The original Salumeria opened in 2008 at 283 Amsterdam Ave. Its menu of rustic Italian small plates and charcuterie spreads received generally favorable reviews. The second, more formal outpost of the restaurant followed in 2012. Before opening the Salumeria restaurants, Casella was also the chef at the Italian cowboy steakhouse Maremma, and Beppe on East 22nd Street.

Salumeria Rosi

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